On-line statistical software for astronomy and related fields

StatCodes is a Web metasite with links to source codes implementing statistical methods which are freely available on the Internet. The codes are chosen for their potential utility for research in astronomy and other physical sciences. Some are obtained from large code archives, such as StatLib at Carnegie Mellon University and the Guide to Available Mathematical Software at NIST, while others are scattered throughout the Internet. StatCodes currently contains over 200 links.

Listings are organized by statistical topic (see below). We have concentrated on methods with public domain Fortran and C source codes, but some listings give executables, interactive services, or even complete statistical computing environments. Codes range from isolated (sometimes poorly documented) subroutines in ASCII to well-documented multi-purpose packages, often in *tar.Z, *.uu or UNIX shell archive formats. The latter packages are labeled (P) . In some fields (like signal processing, pattern recognition or wavelets) the available material is so vast that only metasites to code sources are provided. The General directory also links to metasites with general resources in statistics.

Search StatCodes by keywords through the Astronomical Software Directory Service.

Additional links to codes are warmly welcomed!

We encourage researchers within astronomy, statistics and other fields to inform us of relevant FORTRAN and C codes. Please send links and brief descriptions to Thomas Loredo for Bayesian statistics and Eric Feigelson for all other topics.

StatCodes is located at and is a free service of the astrostatistics research group at Penn State , which also operates the Statistical Consulting Center for Astronomy , organizes cross-disciplinary conferences, and has authored an introductory monograph Astrostatistics . The contents of StatCodes is regulated by an informal committee consisting of: Eric D. Feigelson (Astronomy & Astrophysics, Penn State University), G. Jogesh Babu (Statistics, Penn State University), Thomas Loredo (Astronomy, Cornell University), Fionn Murtagh (Informatics, University of Ulster), and Edward J. Wegman (Computational Sciences & Informatics, George Mason University). Listing in StatCodes does not constitute any warranty concerning the validity, quality or applicability of the code.

Links to codes

Bayesian statistics
Censored and truncated data
Correlation and regression
Density estimation and smoothing
General statistics packages & information
Interactive Web tools
Multivariate analysis & classification
Nonparametric methods
Software written by astronomers
Spatial statistics & image analysis
Statistical distributions
Time series analysis
Visualization tools

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Last StatCodes update: December 2000