Software written by astronomers

Astronomy survival analysis for right- and left-censored data including the Kaplan-Meier estimator, several two-sample tests, bivariate correlation measures and linear regressions. (P)
MATLAB astronomy library
MATLAB codes for stellar spectroscopy and various other functions.
Collection of simple and robust statistical estimators for univariate datasets. Includes moments, trimmed means, median and other location estimates with jackknife and bias-corrected bootstrap confidence intervals, Hartigan dip statistic, goodness-of-fit tests for normality and uniformity, gap detector, outlier detection, and nonparametric tests for symmetry.
Sophisticated package for multiscale multiresolution analysis of complex images based on wavelets. Useful for noise modeling (including Poisson), faint feature detection, filtering and thresholding, image deconvolution, blob analysis, image registration, image compression, mathematical morphology operations, FFT, format conversions (including FITS). Written in C++ and IDL. P (commercial, not free, package)
Astronomical MATLAB utilities
Scripts within the MATLAB environment for astronomical times series including many types of periodograms, sine-wave fitting, autoregressive modeling with bootstrap error estimation, various astronomical functions, display capabilities, coordinate transformations, and more. P
Finding periodicities with splines
Nonparametric method for locating periodicities in unevenly spaced univariate data based on efficient least-squares fitting of cubic B-splines.
Computes ordinary and symmetrical least-squares regression lines for bivariate data (orthogonal regression, reduced major axis, OLS bisector and mean OLS) with analytical and bootstrap error analysis.
Linear regression with measurement errors and scatter
Weighted ordinary least squares line with heteroscedastic measurement errors and homoscedastic intrinsic scatter in the dependent variable. Also includes code in SLOPES.
Partial correlation for censored data
A test for partial correlation between three variables, any or all of which are subject to censoring, based on a generalized Kendall's tau.
Weighted wavelet Z-transform (ZIP file for PCs)

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