Statistical distributions

Tests of normality and exponentiality
Twenty-four nonparametric and parametric tests. (P)
Collection of programs for generating and testing uniform, normal and Poisson random numbers and vectors (P)
Library of random number generators for Poisson, normal, chi-squared, and various other distributions. (P)
Fortran routines providing uniform numbers distributed over various geometric shapes (line, plane, disk, sphere, box, cone, etc).
Fortran 90 routines
A variety of modules including modern random number generators, common statistical distributions, permutations, and more.
Library of routines to calculate cumulative distribution, inverses and probabilities for normal, Poisson, t, chi-square, binomial and other distributions. (P)
Fortran subroutines for computation of multivariate normal distributions and integrals. Related software on multiple integrals (e.g. for Bayesian statistics) also provided. (P)
Probabilities for univariate and bivariate Gaussian and Student's t distributions.
Bivariate normal distribution probabilities For PC using Windows
MATLAB routines
Includes random deviates from binomial, gamma and Poisson distributions, and probabilities for normal, Poisson, chi-squared, gamma, incomplete Beta and other distributions.
TOMS 717
Subroutine for generating random multivariate normal data with specified correlations.
Standard normal distribution
Accurate subroutines for area under tail of Gaussians.
Chi-squared distribution probabilities
Fisher's exact variance test for Poisson distribution
Skewness and kurtosis probabilities
Tests for normality
Nonparametric goodness-of-fit tests for uniform, normal and exponential distributions

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