Interactive statistical tools on the Web

Statistical Tools for Iinternet and Classroom Instruction with a Graphical User Interface, suite of interactive Java applets developed by P. Stark at UC Berkeley.
Web pages that perform statistical calculations
Links to over 300 Web sites performing interactive statistical calculations.
Java-based interactive programs providing elementary statistics (summary statistics; 1- and 2-sample Z, T and F tests; chi-squared test and regression) and graphics (histograms, stem/lef plots, boxplots, dotplots, parallel coordinate, means, scatter, quantile-quantile and time series plots). Data entry from keyboard, URL, or local files.
Statistical Calculators
A collection of interactive CGI, Java and Xlisp-Stat services giving probabilities and random deviates for normal, exponential, binomial, Poisson, etc. distributions; linear correlation and regression; t-tests; and more.
Statistical Tools Online
User types in data and immediate receives statistical result. Includes: mean & standard deviation; confidence intervals for means, proportions & correlations; hypothesis testing for means & proportions; distributions (binomial, normal, t and chi-squared); two-sample tests (sign, McNemars, Wilcoxon, median, Student-t); correlations (rank, linear, comparing coefficients); chi-squared test.
Interactive curve and surface fitting of 2D and 3D data online with a rich set of error histograms, error plots, curve plots, surface plots, and contour plots.
Globally Accessible Statistical Procedures
Interactive data analysis procedures including: 3-dimensional virtual reality visualization; kernel density estimation; change point in a Poisson process; 2x2 contingency tables; multivariate analysis (ADE-4) with principal components analysis, discriminant analysis, co-inertia analysis; and various tutorials via Java applets.
Descriptive statistics and charts including box and stem-and-leaf graphs.
Collection of on-line tests including: chi-squared tests; confidence intervals for proportions; linear, partial, rank correlation; multiple regression; t-test; ANOVA; random numbers.
Goodness-of-fit tool
Interactive program to compute and visually check whether a univariate dataset follows a log normal, inverse Gaussian, gamma distribution (including length biased density functions) with applets for descriptive statistics and linear regression. Developed at Coastal Carolina University.

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