Nonparametric statistics

Inexpensive ($17-$62) PC-based package with 220 statistical tests and routines. Includes descriptive statistics, ANOVA, parametric and nonparametric correlation and regression, 1- and 2-sample hypothesis testing, contingency tables with chi-square tets, many nonparametric tests, statistical distributions, and some specialized routines. P
Collection of simple and robust statistical estimators for univariate datasets. Includes moments, trimmed means, median and other location estimates with jackknife and bias-corrected bootstrap confidence intervals, Hartigan dip statistic, goodness-of-fit tests for normality and uniformity, gap detector, outlier detection, and nonparametric tests for symmetry.
Mann-Whitney U statistic probabilities
Spearman's rho correlation coefficient probabilities
Ansari-Bradley statistic probabilities
Partial correlation for censored data
A test for partial correlation between three variables, any or all of which are subject to censoring, based on a generalized Kendall's tau.
Runs-up and Runs-down test
Multivariate rank sum and k-sample median tests
Shapiro and Wilk's W statistic probabilities
Obtains confidence intervals and point estimates for the two-sample location problem.
Von Mises test probabilities
Kolmogorov-Smirnov probabilities using three methods.
Hodges-Lehmann location estimator
Kolmogorov-Smirnov two-sample probabilities
2x2 contingency tables Exact probabilities for 2x2 contingency tables.
Generalized 2-sample Smirnov test probabilities

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