Radio signals from the pulsar PSR B1257+12 in the constellation Virgo led Penn State professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics Alexander Wolszczan to discover the first planets ever known outside our solar system. He discovered the planets in 1991 and confirmed their existence in 1994.

Wolszczan used the worlds largest radio telescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, to time the radio signals coming from a distant tiny neutron star in the constellation Virgo, 7,000 trillion miles from Earth. These measurements helped him to determine that two of the planets are similar in mass to Earth and the other is about the mass of the Moon.

Until Wolszczan's discovery, the only known planets were in our solar system. His work suggests that planets may be more common in the universe than astronomers had previously thought. It will also help astronomers to understand how planets, including Earth, are formed. The planets Wolszczan found probably don't support life because the tiny pulsar they orbit bombards them with deadly radiation. However, his discovery increases the chances that somewhere in the universe planets may exist that, like Earth, are capable of supporting life.

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