Astronomy 480

Nebulae Galaxies and Cosmology

Instructor: Caryl Gronwall

Office: 417B Davey, Office Hours: Monday 3:40 - 4:30 pm & Thursday 4 -- 5 p.m. or whenever you can find me!

TA: Jackson Norris

Office hours: Monday 1 - 2 pm & 4- 5 pm in 445 Davey.

Galaxies in the Universe by Sparke and Gallagher
An Introduction to Modern Cosmology by Liddle

Note both books have substantial errata, which are listed on the web pages for the books.

Additional Reading:
An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics, by Carroll & Ostlie. We will refer to the "big orange book" for some background reading.

Galactic Astronomy by Binney & Merrifield (1998) and the previous edition by Mihalas & Binney (1981). This is the classic graduate text in the field.

Modern Cosmology by Dodelson. Graduate level book on cosmology.

Galaxies and Galactic Structure by Elmegreen. This is an undergraduate text at a somewhat lower level than Sparke & Gallagher but covers some topics that Sparke & Gallagher doesn't.

Modern Cosmological Observations and Problems by Bothun. Somewhat out of date, but presents a nice overview of observational cosmology.

These books, along with the required texts will be on reserve in the Science Library.

Course Syllabus in PDF format.

Astronomy Department Integrity Policy

Lectures in PDF format

Lecture 1 Tuesday, Jan 12, History of our understanding of the Milky Way and other Galaxies, Morphological Classification
Lecture 2 Thursday, January 14, Morphological Classification, Galaxy Catalogs, Galaxy properties, coordinates
Lecture 3 Tuesday, January 19, Overview of Galaxy Photometry, extinction, luminosity functions. Begin Ellipticals.
Lecture 4 Thursday, January 21, Ellipticals
Lecture 5 Tuesday, January 26, More ellipticals. Start spirals.
Lecture 6 Thursday, January 28, Spirals
Lecture 7 Tuesday, February 2, More Spirals
Lecture 8 Thursday, February 4, Finishing up Spirals!
Lecture 9 Tuesday, February 9, Dwarf Galaxies
Lecture 10 Thursday, Feb 11, Groups of Galaxies, Dynamical Friction, Interactions Lecture 11 Tuesday, Feb 16, Tidal stripping, begin clusters of Galaxies
Lecture 12 Thursday, Feb 18, Clusters of galaxies
Lecture 13 Tuesday, Feb 23, Finish up clusters, gravitational lensing
Lecture 14 Thursday, Feb 25, Active Galactic Nuclei
Lecture 15 Tuesday, Mar 2, Finish up AGN, Emission-Line Spectroscopy, & begin Galaxy Evolution
Midterm Exam Thursday, Mar 4, in class.
Lecture 16 Tuesday, March 16, Galaxy Evolution
Lecture 17 Thursday, March 19, Finish up galaxy evolution
Lecture 18 Tuesday, March 23, Intro to Cosmology
Lecture 19 Thursday, March 25, Intro to Cosmolgy & the Age of the Universe
Lecture 20 Tuesday, March 29, Finish age of the universe, Begin Extragalactic Distance Scale
Lecture 21 Thursday, April 2, Extragalactic Distance Scale: Tully-Fisher, Dn-sigma, Surface Brightness Fluctuations, & Type 1a SNe. The H0 Key Project. Lecture 22 Tuesday, April 6, Finish extragalactic Distance Scale & Evidence for a Cosmological Constant from Type Ia SN, Start Large Scale Structure Lecture 23 Thursday, April 8, Dark Matter
Lecture 24 Tuesday, April 13, Finish up Dark Matter, Inflation, and the Cosmic Microwave Background
Lecture 25 Thursday, April 15, Finish up CMB, Early Universe & Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
Lecture 26 Tuesday, April 20, Hierarchical Structure Formation & Galaxy Formation
Final Exam Tuesday, May 4, 10:10 - noon. Here is the list of constants and equations that was handed out for a previous final exam in this course.

Problem Set 5

Ned Wright's Cosmology Calculator You should also check out the cosmology tutorial (see link below).

Files for Problem Set 1

Useful Links

Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial

Check out the Ultra Deep Field

And the 2009 verson (in the near-IR), HUDF09

Astrophysical Data System
Astro-ph preprint server
Annual Reviews
Steinn's LaTeX primer
AASTeX Package
The NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database
More on the Shapley-Curtis Debate
Check here and here for summer research opportunities.

Caryl Gronwall
Dept. of Astronomy & Astrophysics
Pennsylvania State University
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