Astronomy 597a

Exploring the High Redshift Universe

Instructor: Caryl Gronwall

Office: 417B Davey, Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 2 -- 3 p.m. or whenever you can find me!

Background Reading:

Observations of the High Redshift Universe by Richard Ellis, from "First Light in the Universe", Saas-Fee Advanced Course 36
Galaxies in the Universe by Sparke and Gallagher
Galactic Astronomy by Binney & Merrifield (1998) and the previous edition by Mihalas & Binney (1981).
Galaxies in the Universe and Galactic Astronomy are on reserve in the Science Library.
Also the lecture notes for Astronomy 504 and Astronomy 480 might be useful.

Course Syllabus in PDF format.

Astronomy Department Integrity Policy


January 22, Lecture 1 January 22, Brief overview of morphological classification and galaxy properties.
January 29,Spectrophotometric Synthesis Models (discussion led by Anand & Amanda)

February 5, Semi-Analytic Models (discussion led by Michael & Jian)

February 12, Intermediate Redshift Surveys (z < 2) and Evolution in Luminosity (discussion led by Anand & Jianfeng & Cristian)

February 19, Evolution in mass (discussion led by Amanda & Cristian)

February 26, Star-formation/metallicity history (discussion led by Bin & Jianfeng & Chris)

March 5, Evolution of morphology, merger rates, & galaxy sizes (discussion led by Judy & Stephen)

March 19, Evolution in environmental effects (discussion led by Peter & Judy)

March 26, Lyman-break galaxies (discussion led by Bin & Jason)

April 2, Ly-alpha Emitters and Probing the Epoch of Reionization (discussion led by Steve M. & Jason)

April 9, N-body models of galaxy formation (discussion led by Michael & Chris)

April 16, Square Kilometer Array & Atacama Large Millimeter Array (discussion led by Stephen & Steve B.)

April 23, Large Synoptic Survey Telescooe (LSST) & Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT/GMT) (discussion led by Steve B. & Peter)

April 30, James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) (discussion led by Jian & Steve M.)

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