Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS): Astronomy Project Page

This page is meant to help students develop astronomy projects for the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science. PJAS astronomy projects can currently be performed as part of the `Earth and Space' research category. From 2001 - 2005 and 2007 - 2012, `PJAS Astronomy Awards' have been given out at the state meeting on a competitive basis, ranging from $500 to $1000.

Professor Kevin Luhman (kluhman @ is administering the program. He and Chris Palma (cpalma @ are available to answer questions by email. If you wish to begin research in astronomy that is more advanced than desribed here (e.g., at the level of a college student), please see this page

Frequently asked questions

Ideas of possible PJAS astronomy projects:

Previous PJAS astronomy projects:

Previous PJAS astronomy award winners:

Pennsylvania amateur astronomy clubs (if you know of others please send the WWW addresses):

Other amateur astronomy support organizations:

Robotic telescopes that you may be able to use for PJAS projects:

Articles about successful PJAS and related projects (not all astronomy):

Students with excellent PJAS astronomy projects should also investigate:

Pennsylvania teachers with an interest in astronomy should investigate:

The PJAS astronomy outreach program is currently funded by the National Science Foundation through a CAREER award to Professor Kevin Luhman. Previously, it was funded from 2001-2005 by an NSF CAREER award to Prof. Niel Brandt.