2002 - PJAS state meeting astronomy projects

Grades 7-8:

The Sun: Turning and Burning?
E.J. Morascyzk (John F. Kennedy MS; Region 8)

Does an Asteroid Make a Bigger Crater than its Diameter?
Thomas Nolan (Germantown Academy; Region 1B)

Cosmic Rays and a Cloud Chamber
Cara Pomorski (Our Lady's Christian School; Region 10)

Factors Affecting Crater Formation on the Moon's Surface
Lindsay DeCarlo (St. Joseph School; Region 9)

The Effect of the Phases of the Moon on Barometric Pressure
Megan Keil (Northeast MS; Region 3)

Testing a Planet's Seasonal Pattern if it Were a Cube
Kevin Kniowski (Mt. Calvary School; Region 10)

The Effect of Meteorite Impact on Lunar Crater Formation
Benjamin Ou-Yang (Northeast MS; Region 3)

How Inner Planet Distances Affect Their Orbital Movement
Jessica Pilewski (St. John the Evangelist; Region 10)

The Effect of the Make-Up of a Star on its Surface Temperature
Brandon Smith (St. Valentine EL; Region 7)

Crazy Cosmic Rays
Andrew Wise (John F. Kennedy MS; Region 8)

Grades 8-9:

Moon Phases and Which Phase is Best for Daytime Viewing?
Ashley Astemborski (St. James; Region 10)

Grades 9-12:

An Analysis of the Energy Spectrum of Cosmic Rays
Vlad Grigorescu (Allderdice HS; Region 7)

How Long Does it Take for the Sun to Make One Full Rotation?
Sarah Kandrot (Carbondale Area HS; Region 2)

Testing the Limits of Amateur Astronomy: An Analysis of the Quasar 3C273
Michael Chesney (Upper Dublin HS; Region 1B)

The Truth is Out There
Victoria Cangelosi (Central Bucks HS West; Region 1B)

Comparative Analysis of Telescope Astronomy and Naked Eye Observations
Eric Durback (Bethlehem Catholic HS; Region 3)