2003 - PJAS state meeting astronomy projects

Grades 7-8:

The Best Method for Calculating the Sun's Rotation
Hillary Benner (Northeast MS; Region 3)

Absorption of Solar Energy
Jenna Brett (Home School; Region 1B)

Sunspot Patterns Over Time
Colin Caverly (Eyer MS; Region 3)

Using Eratosthenes' Method to Measure the Size of the Earth
Jayme Detweiler (St. John the Evangelist; Region 8)

In How Many Days Does the Moon Orbit Once around the Earth?
Mike Dong (Lower Macungie MS; Region 3)

Can You Interpolate Using a Homemade Dobsonian Telescope?
Edward Guarino (Eyer MS; Region 3)

A Comparison of Average Crater Size on the N and S Hemispheres of the Moon
Jeff Neely (Freeport JHS; Region 9)

Calculating Solar Differential Rotation
Dan Weber (Keystone Oaks Middle School; Region 7)

Crash! Boom! Pow! Meteorites Make Craters
Megan Brzustowicz (John F. Kennedy MS; Region 8)

Grade 9:

Effect of Speed of Light on Emergence Time of Jupiter's Moon
Benjamin Ou-Yang (Liberty HS; Region 3)

Calculating the Rotation Rates of Jupiter's Four Major Moons
Julia Phillips (Iroquois JrSr HS; Region 10)

Do Different Phases of the Moon Affect Radio Reception?
Holly Shok (Dubois Area Catholic; Region 6)

Delta Cephei: Observations of a Variable Star
Emily Southerton (Mifflinburg HS; Region 5)

Does the Position of an Asteroid in Orbit Affect its Speed?
Andrew Wise (Trinity; Region 8)

Grades 10-12:

Amateur Radio Astronomy
Philip Plummer (Keystone Oaks HS; Region 7)

Explored Energy of Earth and Space Magnetism
Prachi Bhatt (George Washington HS; Region 1C)

The Potential Effects of Sunspots on Seismic Activity
Jacob Downs (George Washington HS; Region 1C)

Kepler's 3rd Law
Rebecca Entler (Delaware Valley; Region 2)

Active Galactic Nuclei Spectroscopy
Rohit Malgaonkar (GW Carver HS of Eng & Science; Region 1C)

A Study of Extrasolar Planets
Gale Matthews (Lackawanna Trail; Region 2)

Do Force and Size Affect the Diameter of a Crater on the Moon?
Aesha Mehta (Moravian Academy; Region 3)

Sunstorms, Earthward Plasma Flows, and the Aurora
Katherine Pazamickas (Lourdes Regional; Region 5)

The Effect an Asteroid has on its Crater
Rosanna Smith (Mercyhurst Prep School; Region 10)