2004 - PJAS state meeting astronomy projects

Grades 7-8:

Does Time of Day Affect the Visibility of Sun Spots?
Jack Braithwaite (Ancillae-Assumpta Academy; Region 1B)

What Materials are Best for a Spacesuit?
Matthew Creehan (St. Anne-Castle Shannon; Region 7)

Is There Meteor Dust in Precipitation?
Nicholas Lyons (Saltsburg MS; Region 9)

What Keeps a Satellite in Orbit Around a Planet?
Nicholas Pahountis (St. Joan of Arc; Region 7)

Distant Solar Furnace
Meredith Rosa (Northeast MS; Region 3)

Cosmic Rays
Andrea Appel (John F. Kennedy MS; Region 8)

How Does Light Pollution Affect Star Count?
Kristen Brotherson (Villa Maria School; Region 10)

1,2,3,4 Let's Test the Siderial Day Just Once More
Megan Brzustowicz (John F. Kennedy MS; Region 8)

Crashing Craters
Becca Crissman (Butler JHS; Region 9)

The Size, Shape, and Age of the Universe
Jeremy Enz-Doerschner (John F. Kennedy MS; Region 8)

Craters: Making an Impact
Skye Sankey (Butler JHS; Region 9)

Grades 9-12:

Equations of the Sunrise and Sunset
Jeffrey Neely (Freeport SD; Region 9)

Deep Impact: Asteroids and their Craters
David Riddell (Bensalem HS; Region 1C)

Predicting Solar Activity Using Satellite Computer Images
Dan Weber (Keystone Oaks HS; Region 7)

Solar Flares' Effect on the Earth's Magnetic Fields
Emily Wise (Trinity; Region 8)

Magnitude Comparison of Zeta Gem from One Year to the Next
Marla Palumbo (Trinity; Region 8)

Meteors and the Earth's Ozone Layer...Good or Bad?
Andrew Wise (Trinity; Region 8)

The Retrograde Motion of Mars
Nishi Dedania (Moravian Academy; Region 3)

Auroral Kilometric Radiation
Katherine Pazamickas (Lourdes Regional; Region 5)

Cepheid Variable Stars
Rebecca Entler (Delaware Valley SD; Region 2)

The Galactic Center...No So Accidentally!
Elessa Young (Seton La Salle HS; Region 7)