2008 - PJAS state meeting astronomy projects

Grades 7-8:

Plans on Mars: Will they grow?
Jamie Lucarelli

Meteroite or Wrong?
Daniel Wilson

The Effect of Sunspots on Weather
Ryan Thomas

Collecting Micrometeorites
Jennifer Maskarinec

Crater formation: Impact or Volcano?
Hannah Tillotson

Midnight Magic
Taylor Penpek

Investigating Solar Energy
Brian Moore

Geomagnetic storms vs. GPS error rates
Stephanie Perez

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I Wonder if True North You Are
Wesley Strickland

The Varying Colors of Stars
Benjamin Gastfriend

Grades 9-12:

How the Size of Asteroid Affects the Speed of its Rotation
Nicole Melso

Amplyifing Solar Energy
Megan Bookser

Lunar Soil...Known Liability, Discovered Asset
Thomas Pazamickas

Geomagnetic Storms vs GPS Systems
Jill Szwed

The Evolution of Galaxies
Robyn Smith

Measurement of Cosmic Rays Inside a Building vs. Outside
Nathan Iyer

Improving a Star Camera in Speed, Cost, and Efficiency
Michael Bilyk

Using a digital camera to measure skyglow
Christine Kaufmann

A Mathematical Analysis of Solar Reflectivity
Luv Patel