2009 - PJAS state meeting astronomy projects

Grades 7-8:

Seth Strickland
Measuring Skyglow

Nolan Paronish
Solar Beads

Kelly Magarity
Effect of Sunscreen on UV Beads

Dustin Bier
Planetary Phases

Justin Storti
Greenhouse Gas

Jessica Purawic
Will the distance from an object affect parallax?

Grades 9-12:

Jacqueline Castle
Plants in Space - Can Plants Grow & Thrive in Off-Earth Environment?

Karl Santy
Solar Energy vs. Wind Power, Better Alternative Energy Source

Jamie Conn
How is Skyglow Affected by Temperature

Meredith Millar
Do stellar wavelength and surface temperature correlate?

Zachary Hudak
A Comparison of Areas of Differing Skyglow

Nicole Melso
A Study of Quiscent Flicker Behavior in a Dwarf Nova

Laure Fisher
Solar Solutions

Elizabeth Weiner
Small-scale Solar Pond

Robyn Smith
Distribution of Irregular Satellite Galaxies: Holmberg Effect

Thomas Carroll
A Game of Inter-Galactic Chicken

Stefanie Ostrowski
Predicting Coronal Mass Ejections