2010 - PJAS state meeting astronomy projects

Grades 7-8:

Ian Junker
The Effects of Speed on Meteor Impacts

Molly Loomis
Using a Digital Camera to Measure Skyglow

John Alvarez
Viewing Cosmic Rays at Different Altitudes

Grades 9-12:

Theresa Marlin
Preventing Space Dust Damage

Jamie Conn
The Effect of Humidity on Skyglow

Meredith Millar
Impact Trajectories of Ions Using Magnetospheric Imaging

Andrew Hitchner
A Study in Stellar Spectroscopy

Nicole Melso
A Study of Precursors to Cataclysmic Variable Star Outbursts

Tongji Li
Orbit Determination of Near Earth Asteroids

Jill Szwed
Sunspot Activity: A Cause for Increasing Hurricane Intensity?

Laura McKnight
Transit Lightcurves for Extra Solar Planets with Moons

Robyn Smith
SDSS Red Peas: Expanding the Spectrum of Luminous Compact Galaxies