2011 - PJAS state meeting astronomy projects

Grades 7-8:

Richard Lopes
Impact Craters

Chantal Whiteduck
Depth of Craters

Evan Trauger
Arrival Times for HF Radio Signals and Space Weather

John Alvarez
Does Correlation Exist Between Sunspots and Geomagnetic Storms

Eric Sklanka
Astronauts in a Blanket

Christian Snyder
Hubble's Constant and the Age of the Universe

Ian Junker
How Varying Planetary Surfaces Affect the Size of an Impact

Lake Sankey
Craters: Making an Impact

Grades 9-12:

Aubrey Redd
Testing Effect of Solar Storms on Earth's Magnetic Field

Nathan Disantis
Does Sunspot Activity Affect the Strength and Number of Tropical Cyclones

Nina Appasamy
Coronal Mass Ejections and Sun Spot Cycles

Alessandra Fonseca
Measuring Skyglow with a Digital Camera

Shane Coffield
Determining the Structure of the Milky Way Galaxy

Megan Wall
Star Light, Star Bright: How Distance Affects Luminosity

Melissa McIntosh
Calculating the Color Index of Stars

John Hurd

Nicole Melso
An Extended Study of Frequency Precursors to a Variable Star

Maria Carey
An Examination of Sunspots

Andrew Hitchner
The Luminosity Effect on a Star's Spectrum

Eli Boninger
Light Pollution and Star Visibility

Vikas Aragam
Prevning a Deep Impact

Bradlee Garman
Tracking Geomagnetic Storms in the Ionosphere

Tara Jain
The Orbit Determination of Magellan

Brittany Ogozaly
The Gravity of the Situation