2012 - PJAS state meeting astronomy projects

Grades 7-8:

Rachel Steinig
Maximizing Power Density in Forward Osmosis

Nina Grover
The Effect of Organic Materials in Sandy Soils

Miriam van der Spek
Magnetic Detections

Robert Behary
Does Time Have an Influence on Cosmic Rays?

Macy Bailey
Factors on Crater Size

Isabelle LeBoutillier
Which Material Protects Best Against UV Rays

Hirsh Sisodia
Increased Efficiency of a Solar-Tracking Photovoltaic Cell

Brook Santy
Which is the Better Renewable Energy Source - Solar or Wind?

Grades 9-12:

Christian Snyder
The Characterization of a Globular Star Cluster

Ian Junker
Using Impact Craters to Calculate Ages of Planetary Bodies

James Pence
Solar Air Heaters

Michael Borowski

Pantelis Solomides
A Novel Model of Cell Damage Related ot Space Exploration

Jennifer Deasy
How Does Light Intensity Change with Distance?

Elizabeth Ritter
The Full Moon Illusion According to Emmet's Law

Josh Chawla
How do Coronal Mass Ejections Affect Telecommunications

Shane Coffield
Mapping of the Orion Rejion in the Radio Spectrum

Vikas Aragam
Seven Degrees of Separation

Light Echoes
Melissa McIntosh