Mary Margaret Nousek

Contact Information:

Mailing Address: 311 Lamp Post Ln., Boalsburg PA 16827

Family: Husband: John, Children: Lisa, Anna, and Katrina.

Hobby Interests:

Lacemaking and lace identification

Mary enjoys studying the history and construction of handmade laces and related textiles. She is a supporting member of various organizations whose goal it is to promote an interest in the preservation of old laces and teaching the methods of lacemaking to anyone wishing to help continue the tradition.

She is a member of IOLI (International Old Lacers, Inc.), the Lacemaker's Circle of Leicester, UK, and subscribes to International Lace Magazine, the publication of the Belgian Lace School of Palo Alto, CA. For information about the Belgian Lace School click here.

People who are interested in finding out about lacemaking or wish to share information with other lacemakers may enjoy looking at Arachne's Web Server.

In addition to collecting some antique bobbin and needlelaces Mary enjoys making her own laces in an effort to understand the construction techniques which distinguish the various lace types.

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