Steinn Sigurðsson - The Black Hole Bet

In August 2002, a conference was held in Chania, Crete to celebrate the joint contribution of Andrew Lyne, Dick Manchester and Joe Taylor to the field of Radio Pulsars.

In the pen-ultimate talk, I offered an informal bet that given current observing facilities and progress in detection of pulsar systems, that a black hole-pulsar system will be discovered by 7th February 2008; and further, that it more likely will be found in a globular cluster than in the field.

The discussion and statement can be found in PASP Conf Proc v 302, p 391-396, or astro-ph/0303312.

Steve Thorsett has agreed on the bet, with the stake being a bottle of Bonny Doon's Le Cigare Volant or equivalent.

Scott Ransom has confirmed he will take a side bet, same stakes.

Paulo Freire has also confirmed he will take a side bet, same stakes.

This closes the offer to take the bet.

The adjudication of the bet is entrusted to Joe Taylor and Matt Bailes (who may or may not be aware of this honour), a suitably short time interval after the date...

Last updated 03/04

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