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General Chandra Science Links:

NASA's Chandra Page
Chandra Science Center
Project Science Office
Chandra Proposal Information
Chandra User's Committee
Search the Chandra Observation Catalog

The Launch:

Official STS-93 Web Page
Launch Photos

Chandra Instruments:

Science Instrument Module
High Resolution Mirror Assembly
The High Resolution Camera
Low Energy Transmission Grating
High Energy Transmission Grating

ACIS Calibration data:

Phase H Telemetry Event Lists
Phase H As-Run CMDB


Instrument Calibration Reports
Chandra Science Center Documentation


XRCF Home Page
HXDS_Home Page
ACIS 2-Chip Camera
Temporary Mirror Assembly / TOGA
Facility Calibrations

ACIS Optical/UV Blocking Filter Calibration:

Luxel (filter manufacturer)
Synchrotron Radiation Center
Brookhaven National Light Source




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