Recipes for Chandra ACIS data analysis by the ACIS Instrument Team

Version 1.0 September 20 2000

Contributors: Pat Broos, George Chartas, Eric Feigelson, Varsha Gupta, Scott Koch, Karen Lewis, Yoshi Maeda, Takamitsu Miyaji, Steve Pravdo, Andy Ptak, Rita Sambruna, Divas Sanwal, Leisa Townsley, Yohko Tsuboi, Jeff Wolovitz
Editor: Eric Feigelson (

These recipes are an informal and evolving collection of procedures, strategies and caveats developed or recommended by members of the Chandra ACIS Instrument Team. They are provided without any warranty, provision for portability, or user support. They are based on a variety of software systems (e.g. TARA, CIAO, FTOOLS, Perl, ds9, C, etc.). Many of the methods here are being functionally reproduced in CIAO Science Threads.

We would appreciate that use by non-ACIS Team scientists in publications, documents or Web pages be accompanied by an acknowledgment, such as "We thank the Chandra ACIS Team for advice on data analysis". Links to this site,, are welcome. Please inform the editor of publications and links.

The above pages both discuss methodological issues and give sample commands for their implementation.

A data analysis roadmap for CIAO-2.0.1 is under development by P. Broos, and can be found here.